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Annual Principals Conference 2020 IPPN

It was a great honour to spend time with all the Irish School Principals at the IPPN 2020 Conference in Citywest . It was exciting to hear how schools are rapidly growing to become more inclusive. The future of this country is our children and we need to take care of them and put the supports in place to assist them. Sensory Pod was once again the star of the show giving its Versatility and portability this is exactly what schools require when making such a large Investment. We have a busy schedule over the next few months and look forward to bring the parents on this journey with us . Our Partnership with Adam & Friends will also see both businesses be the Market leader in Sensory by 2021 and this is also an exciting Journey for Gemma O Brien CEO ( Adam & Friends ) & Robert Byrne CEO ( The Sensory Pod ) .

Pictured Below Adam Mullin Adam & Friends and CEO Robert Byrne Sensory Pod .

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