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Sensory Pod FAQ'S

Is there much disruption when delivering?
No, it’s a quick, and quiet, assembly procedure, like IKEA. Our team arrive after 09.00 and are finished before lunchtime.
Does it take up much space and where does it need to be positioned?
It’s only 8’ long x 6’ high x 4’ deep and can fit in confined areas. If you don’t have a free Sensory Room, it can easily fit in a corridor, lobby or under a stairwell.
What do I need to do in preparation for delivery?
Just select the site and ensure we have access to a single/double power socket.
Can the Sensory Pod be moved after installation?
Yes, it can. It’s often purchased, by necessity, while building work is ongoing. We do provide a chargeable service where we can re-site it.
What if the WIFI strength is poor?
The primary usage of The Sensory Pod is to calm and relax. The 32” monitor can add to this, as well as providing a useful educational tool. If the WIFI is poor we recommend that you don’t opt for the 32” monitor as it can add unnecessary frustration to an otherwise very successful product.
Is there much maintenance, or servicing, with The Sensory Pod?
There is practically no maintenance, as most parts are metal and strengthened ABS plastic. All lighting is LED, which uses very little energy, and lasts for years.
Who will Maintain/ Service the pod?
In the unlikely instance of a service call, our engineers will oversee all aspects of servicing.
Is it safe in the event of fire and Covid-19?
The Sensory Pod, Sensory Companies Ireland, has passed hospital level flame retardancy and infection control requirements. The unit, and mattress, can be wiped down with household, and hospital strength, detergents.
How is the Sensory Pod cleaned?
Any standard home/hospital detergent, Just wipe down and it dries in minutes.
How many can be in The Sensory Pod at one time?
1 to 2 people – but it’s very spacious and 2-3 adults can comfortably fit in at the one time. It’s used mostly with one child, or adult, at a time, to relax and calm down.
An adult, or SEND teacher & child can sit inside comfortably, using the 32” monitor, for distraction free learning.
Is it safe for Adults to use with Children, from a child protection perspective?
Yes, the door can be left open, and it also has a viewing window for safety and protection, of both adult and child.
How do SEND teachers get benefits from using it?
It removes all external distractions, allowing one-to-one sessions, especially with ADHD, where better intensity can be achieved. The 32” monitor, mirrors the tablet/laptop/phone of the SEND teacher, facilitating usage of any educational software, from coordination, phonics, to YouTube content.
What about security of content on the 32” monitor?
It's enabled through the institutions WIFI password, thereby providing security. The 32” monitor is mounted behind shatter proof, toughened, glass, and provides no capability for child engagement from within the Pod.
Is it only for children with autism?
Children with ASD benefit, as do children with anxiety. Adults also benefit with usage in Universities. Many schools report teachers also using it to de-stress.
What uses beyond special needs are possible?
It can be used for calming, anxiety or panic attacks for all children and adults. SNA's can also use it for course work.
How has Covid-19 impacted its usage?
We have very positive feedback advising that it’s being successfully used, a lot more, since the return to school, due to increased anxiety levels of students.
Can the door be locked?
It is designed to be open, and accessible, always. The sliding door has no locks, which benefits child protection, and relaxes more claustrophobic users, as it can be closed, partially closed, or fully open.
Does it cost much to run?
Practically nothing. The only electricity used is to power the LED lights, which consume very little energy, and the interactive TV.
Is it approved by the HSE, NHS and Dept of Education?
Yes, the HSE, NHS & Dept of Education, Sensory Companies Ireland, have all approved and purchased, Sensory Pods. OT’s, care staff, Principal’s, and SEND teachers, all report of great improvements in behaviour, attendance, reduced aggression, and a massive reduction in regulation issues, after its introduction.

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