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Do it once and do it right ....

Softplay is Ireland’s premier manufacturer of Multi Sensory Rooms with a reputation for quality, innovative designs and well crafted rooms. Softplay Sensory Rooms are the recognised experts in Sensory solutions, providing sensory rooms, our award winning Sensory Pod calming space, as well as smaller sensory products and toys.

We pride ourselves in only using the best quality materials in our rooms, which provide a much higher and long-lasting finish. Our vinyl coverings are unique, as they are engineered for healthcare environments, which ensures they’re easy to clean, antibacterial/antifungal, flame retardant, abrasion resistant and smooth to touch. We also have the widest and most vibrant colour range, which deliver unique rooms every time, without creases and that do not lose strength over time.

Our project team, led by Robert Byrne, will listen to your needs and deliver a unique design, made by our highly skilled craftsmen, with free CAD designs and a professional install team that will ensure 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

All our padded surfaces, for wall panels, plinths, floor mats and ball pools are covered with our quality range of soft-to-touch vinyl fabrics.

Offered in the widest range of vibrant colours, we supply all our panels and plinths in stylish single or two-tone colour designs.

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