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Celebrating 15 Years In the market since 2009

Welcome to the Sensory Pod

The Sensory Pod is an affordable, calming and relaxing space for both Children & Adults. Typically used in special needs and mainstream schools, Universities, Hospitals, Libraries and airports, as well as family homes. This calming space is full of amazing features as standard and great add-on products such as wifi control, custom branding and more.

The Sensory Pod, a leading Sensory Company in Ireland, has a mood light ceiling which is calming and relaxing. It can be changed instantly to the favoured colour. The space is fun, relaxing and appealing to any child, or adult, to spend any length of time. It is already being used successfully in Special Needs environments and Universities, seeking an Autism Friendly Environment.

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Sensory Pod Benefits:

  • Calming Effect on Users

  • Autism Friendly

  • No Stress for Carer / Parent / Teacher

  • Professional Quick Installation

  • Safe & Comfortable Environment

  • App/WiFi Accessible

Sensory Pod Features:

  • 8’ Long x 4’ Wide x 6’ High (244cm Long x 123cm Wide x 183cm High)

  • 5 Colour Adjustable LED Ambient Mood Lighting

  • App Accessible Screen for Entertainment and Learning

  • Luxury & Comfort for Relaxation Rest and Sleep

  • Inbuilt HD Bluetooth Speakers

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Prevents and Manages Disruptions

Helps prevent and manage the disruption caused by sensory overload events, through pre-emptive usage when stress/anxiety is bubbling.

It provides a cocooned, safe, haven for users, when needed. Proven to continually reduce the frequency and severity of disruptions.

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Improves Attendance and Participation

Parents/schools report improved attendance and students are less likely to self-absent as coping skills increase with the Pod.

The Sensory Pod, Sensory Companies Ireland, provides coping confidence in the knowledge of having the tools for a calmer learning environment.

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More Relaxed Environment

Principals, teachers, and students all positively report on the benefits of having a calming focal point for those in need of withdrawing.

School becomes a more positive, happier, and less stressful environment through the reduction in full blown meltdowns.

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Educational Resource

It’s possible for teachers to use the 32” monitor to mirror educational software from their phone or computer.

Better intensity is gained by removing distracting stimuli, especially for Sen or resource teachers.

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Benefits the Whole Community

Non autistic students with stress, anxiety and the potential for panic attacks also greatly benefit from the Sensory Pod.

We also have feedback from many Schools that teachers are also using it to get the same outcomes.

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Encourages Independence

It encourages personal sensory regulation and independence. Students absent themselves from class when they feel the need.

This works well for the child and the classroom as the negative stigma of disruption for other students is reduced.

Where Can i Use My Sensory Pod?

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Mainstream & Special Needs Schools

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Libraries & Public Buildings

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Third Level Campus / Universities

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Family Homes

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