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FAQ'S On The Sensory Pod 

1 .Is there much maintenance, or servicing, with The Sensory Pod? There is practically no maintenance as most parts are metal and strengthened plastic. Electric lights are LED and last for years.

2 .Who will Maintain/ Service the pod? In the unlikely instance of a service call, Our engineers will oversee all aspects of servicing.

3 .Is it safe in the event of fire and Covid-19? Yes it has passed hospital level flame retardancy and infection control requirements.

4 .How is the Sensory Pod cleaned? Any standard home/hospital detergent , Just wipe down and it dries in minutes.

5 .How many can be in The Sensory Pod at one time? Mostly 1 to 2. A child to calm down, or child with a SNA, for distraction free learning.

6 .Is is safe for Adults to use with Children, from a child protection perspective? Yes, the door can be left open and it also has a viewing window.

7 .How do SNA’s get benefits from using it? They can remove all external distractions with one to one sessions and also using the interactive TV, they can work on any web based teaching software.

8 .Is it used only for children with autism? Children and adults can use it. Many schools report teachers also using it to de-stress.

9 .What uses beyond special needs are possible? It can be used for calming, anxiety or panic attacks for all children and adults. SNA's can also use it for course work.

10 .How has Covid-19 impacted its usage? We have feedback that it’s being successfully used more, due to increased anxiety levels of students.

11 .Does it take up much space and where does it need to be positioned? It’s very neat 8’ x 6’ and can fit in confined areas. One school, without space, positioned it under a stairwell.

12 .Can the door be locked? It has a free sliding door, but can have an external lock fitted if necessary.

13 .Does it cost much to run? Practically nothing. The only electricity used is to power LED lights, which consume very little, and the interactive TV.

14 .Is it approved by the HSE or medical professionals? Yes, the HSE have approved it and purchased. OT’s, care staff and SNA’s all report back great improvements in behaviour and reduced aggression with difficult children.

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